Somewhen were a short lived group which also included Keith. Shame really, we were hoping to release an Ep called “Somewhen: Over the Rainbow Trout” Another day, perhaps?

The bands crowning achievement was a film we made with a lot of help from Aaron Greenwood (camera-man, editing and drone).

And here’s “Blaggard Blackbird”, one of Naomi’s songs.

Mmm said the bird to the worm in the earth, “often this way I do pass, and often before, I have knocked, what is more, on your door with my claw through the grass.”
Oh said the worm from his home in the loam, sounds like the drumming of rain, I’ll get my coat, grab my hat, have a smoke, what he spoke was a quote quite profane
Beware the Blaggard Blackbird, he is a crafty foe, more mischievous than the magpie, more cunning than the crow.