Lea Nicholson at University of Sussex Folk Club, 1967

Lea Nicholson
Lea Nicholson playing at the University of Sussex folk club, 1967

Naomi had not arrived on this planet at this time, but I was  already busy. We booked the Incredible String Band for £20 one week! Another week we booked the Copper Family, and when I say the Copper family I mean Bob and Ron! They were neither of them spring chickens at that time, and the Union Building porters were not for letting them into the building. I had to go down and vouch for them. ironically a few years later they were back to pick up honorary degrees!

Alex Campbell was the booked guest this particular evening and he brought Sandy Denny with him who did a few songs “from the floor” as they used to say. She was back with Fairport Convention a few months later.