Randall & Gaskell Shindig! Review

The album was also reviewed in ‘Shindig!’ magazine, my favourite music magazine. Although not particularly complimentary (or accurate – Tom doesn’t play any guitar on the album) I completely agree with Mr Hussey in implying its not very original. He has written some very kind things about my voice though…

It often seems as though the Shindig! universeis full of ’70s psych-folk minstrels, all getting it together in the country and trying to (re) capture a notion of an idyllic England which probably hasn’t existed for a century or more. To that list we can add the debut release from Randall and Gaskell, a half-and-half mix of trad arr’s finest and original tunes that really does sound like some lost pastoral gem from the 1970s, where guitars, harps, sitars and bells wind themselves languorously around the crystalline brightness and purity of Randall’s voice. On ‘Nottamun Town’ Gaskell Slips in a few sneaky blues licks before the song slips into a wash of hazy, psychedelic colours. ‘Bonny Bunch of Roses’ begins a capella, Randall’s voice soaked in cathedral-like- reverb before a bass drone adds a chilled, sepulchral eeriness. ‘St Johns Raga’ has multi-tracked guitars and sitars steeped in dark ambience and more monstrous reverb. 

Neil Hussey

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