Launches and Jingles

Lea has, over the past few months, been showing me around Pro-tools and I have been doing my best to keep up.  One of the projects we have been working together on is a jingle for our friend Les Rays’ Radio Programme; Strummers and Dreamers.

The Jingle was the perfect exercise as it includes guitar, vocals,  bass and concertina.

“Strummers and Dreamers”

Several months ago Les and his musical partner Deirdre Murphy asked if I would be interested in providing his band Red Velvet with some art for their new album ‘Heartland Soul’. The brief was specific regarding its content but I had a free hand with the composition. At Red Velvet’s album launch Les had blown the image up on to a 7′ square and had it hanging on the wall. This was both wonderful and unexpected. Les and Deirdre were both very pleased with it.


The Launch itself took place at the Golden Hind in Cambridge on the 10th of March 2018.  Lea and I were asked to open the show. -NR

I think there is some footage of the show around. We’ll try and post that if we can get hold of it.

Pro Tools? if in doubt “Tab to transient, Naomi, tab to transient.”- LN



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