This is the website for Naomi Randall & Lea Nicholson (in any order). It has been born out of a couple of bright ideas that ensued from a painting of Naomi’s. Why not use the painting  as a surrogate image for the band till we get some photos done, and instead of writing a bio just provide links to a whole bunch of stuff we have done solo that is already available around the web.

What do we sound like together?  Odd.

Cambridge based odd-folk duo Naomi Randall and Lea Nicholson have been working together since late 2016.  Naomi first came to prominence with her eponymous 2014 album, and to quote the  fRoots Review
“Randall possesses a truly classic English voice – comparable with the very best” 
Nicholson has a recording career spanning more than fifty years including time with Virgin, Transatlantic, and Topic Records (a track of his is included in the Topic Anthology “Three Score and Ten”).  Together they make music which has roots in Traditional English Folk, West Coast Rock and Psychedelia, and the noughties Live-coding scene.